April 2014
April Beer Festival

Our April beer is just round the corner and sadly it will be Wendy and Howard's last, so we want to make our best yet. As always we'll have a great selection of carefully selected beers, featuring SIBA and CAMRA beers, along with our own Half Moon heroes, have a look at the selection here. As well as all the great beer and cider we're hosting the following events over the festival:

Thursday 20th April: First Day of Festival & Curry Night

If you want to make sure you get chance to sample all the beers you'd like then Thursday is the day to come. Festival opens at noon, with homemade curried being served from 6pm, our regular beer festival menu will be served from noon till 4pm.

Saturday22nd April: Live Acoustic Music 1pm - 8pm

The Saturday of the beer festival will be our best yet, Freddy Best has a great line up of fantastic local musicians, including The Mighty Collider.

Sunday 23rd April: Live Acoustic Music & Dance noon - 8pm

On the Sunday we'll have some great live acts performing for you in the marquee, including Freddy Best and friends, along with some traditional local morris dancers.

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